phuc haus to open a few more windows usual effect more air is forecast

the premier destination for unicorn stuff & non fake unicorn news just in or near to near just in outside parkdale, west toronto open from linear time before stuff to not way far outside in or near by the unifuture (s)

scrat remembrance month ²

september 1 ~ october 31

pile on

october 1 ~ december 5

horizontal meanderings

december 6 ~ january 17

free time

january 18 ~ nap time (still undetermined)

”zombie apocalypse?, bah … it is beyond incomprehensible!, i’m quite positive (ish) zombies would be hard pressed to pull off a successful apocalypse themed bouncy castle fund raiser bake sale, never mind a largish actual apocalypse, total non starter … it’s a unicorn apocalypse you oughta be tin foiling up for”


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